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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hi. My name is Mirki.
290100. 14yo Indonesian
My OC is Eternity.
I do both digital and traditional art.

I'm Your Angel I'm Your Hope~<3

Twitter :
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9:25 by swagsterlionel
The miserable love story of Eternity, who turned her life upside down.

  She used to be so cute, so caring, so nice, a bit too nice to a school senior who she has only known for less than a month. It was the time when he suddenly text her, since they shared the same interest of anime. Without knowing where did he found out about her.
  From SNS, to second secret SNS account, even to sketch book brand, he knows everything about her, which, would be a burdensome to others, but not for her. A month of knowing him as a good, smart person was more than enough for her.

But, they were close.

  On the 25th September, it was the guy's birthday. After heard the story of him being rejected by a fellow senior back then, she actually liked him out of pity. She wanted him to feel loved too.
  On the clock, it shows that at 12AM, Eternity has finished the drawings that she gonna give to him, it was a drawing of Vocaloid's Rin and Len and also Hatsune Miku. She fell asleep late at night almost everyday, only to finish that drawings. And the gift itself consists of a letter, a shirt, pocky, and also some Japanese Snacks.
  At 2-3pm, she gave it to him. While at 4-5pm, he rests his head on Eternity's shoulder, while she hugged him. So romantic, isn't it?

  Yet, as soon as he arrived home, he burned all of it.

  All of it.

  Only because Eternity's not pretty for him, for his neighbor friend, and most of all, for his family.

  The time Eternity heard about him, she cries. Only to soon discover that he's not just a sociopath who stalks people and burns gifts from someone who's ugly for him, he said a lot of bad things about her. Racist things. Such as calling her a 'nigga' only because she's few shades darker than he is.
  The deep, inside evil side of her grew more, and more, until she discovers a beauty of voodoo doll. She started to use the doll to release her anger on him, which causes her to torture him, slowly, yet painfully. While she started to become blind, which's the result of trying to hurt herself before she knew things about voodoo dolls. Lets say, an icon of 'blinded by love'
  The beautiful, innocent, yet pure Eternity, is also the evil, wrecked side of her. Her bipolar self is indeed dangerous. So, dont ever try to piss her off.

Sadly the thing about the guy is true tho. And yep Eternity represents my anger and hate towards him. So this is a rant drawing of what happened in my real life.

Ink on Concorde 220gr paper.
Voodoo Doll by swagsterlionel
Voodoo Doll

If I can’t give it to you, step over me
Nobody can treat you recklessly
Whatever the reason is, you need me
Me that becomes a doll to fight for you

I shut my hurting eyes and run for you
Just please don’t leave me
Whatever you want, I’ll give it to you
Tick tock tick tock everything will come true

Even if I’m destroyed, as long as it’s in your hands
I’m here, I’ll cry all the tears in the world

From now on watch closely what I’m about to do
If it’s you my body is not wasted
Just say the name and I’ll bring them to you
Tick tock tick tock everything will come true

Should I go Should I stay
Nobody knows
Should I go Should I stay
Nobody knows

Yeah Open the doors of hell
Sinners who made her cry,
Cry tears of blood
Sing it, the song of the curse,
Tell me the hidden fury inside of you
My flesh is an offering to you,
I’ll devote myself to your happiness

If you smile just once I’m satisfied
I’ll do everything instead, everything you wish for
Even if my remaining time diminishes

Whoever this becomes watch carefully, don’t make her cry
I don’t have anything else to give up
That person doesn’t know me, the pain in my heart
Tick tock tick tock everything will disappear


Inspired by VIXX - 
저주인형(Voodoo Doll)
colored pencils, watercolor, poster paint, on muji sketchbook
mirkiway, September 1st, 2014.

mirumiru~? mireuku!
Hello this is Mirki!
its been a long time since i first started deviantart, because of my dearest cousin of course
from a my little pony fanartist, until now, as a k-pop x anime fanartist
some of you who watched me from the start saw how big my improvements are
especially in 2012, when i started drawing humans for the first time, since i drew animals before
i drew block b that time, i was bored! i'm pretty much tired of drawing animals
that's one of the reason why i'm a BBC until now, because, i wouldn't think i would've improved this much if i had not draw block b that time
then i started doing digital art, then watercolor until now
i cant explain how happy i am if some of you guys watches me, faved my art, or even giving positive comments
i just want to say thank you, for always supporting my account!
thank you! thank you so much! 
i'll improve more in the future and i promise i'll make better artwork!
26 July 2014
  • Mood: Cheerful
  • Listening to: Block B Taeil - Hug Me Now

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